Monday, January 1, 2018

Goal of the Year...Happy 2018!!!

Don't know how to start and yet it's already begun. Sometimes the dilemma of your mind don't allow to clear the blur of future vision.  Why we contemplate so much.

When you decide to stop thinking or actually you are trying to stop(hold yourself) for thinking. anyways if I myself won't understand then how I will convince others for the same. 

As the title suggests the goal of 2018 is to be happy.

here are few tips which I will follow to do the same:

1. Speak less listen more.
2. Whenever having the rush of thoughts stay calm and don't spit it to everyone.
3. People are good listener but not everybody is a good adviser. 
4. Listen to your heart. Mind will never support the illogical ideas which gives you happiness.
5. Last but not the least Never Judge anyone in any condition.

I think one can't follow more than this. These are more than sufficient steps to stay away from trouble and have a happily ever after feeling.

Till the next post... Adios Amigos!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hi All,

Today I am writing here about converging technologies of Information Technology which will make noticeable changes in field of data analysis. Sparse technology is also known as "thin data processing technology" is the next big thing in  the field of IT. The definition of data has been changed now days and information supplied to system through Non - IT sources are so much valuable and bulk in size. Sparse Technology is the method to process and generate new information from that data.

So people in IT who are looking to learn new technologies should look up for this.


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Change of nature and relation

People try so hard to make relations perfect but alas ! they fail and thus it makes a lot of fuss. though this was not supposed to be my second blog but i just had a chit chat with my old friend  A.G. and then only I found that how complicated we make our life in order to achieve the peace in relations.

Lets start with the immediate family members. there were times when children din't have courage to face their father and nowdays fathers don't want their children around. "they want them to be happy" fine but who filled in their mind that happiness is in staying away.

I was goingn through some confession on a page and there was this confession telling about a mother who was angry on a five year old because it interrupted her leisure time. one of my relative doesn't want their family around because they will break their fix schedule and it might affect their peaceful life.

Siblings avoid to visit each other because it will look bad and will harm their status if they don't spend enough money on them or exchange the gifts. People now calculate the post effect of the words they are going to speak and then decide whether to speak or stay silent.

AND all of this fuss is incomplete without your spouse.  after marriage suddenly everyone become so knowledgeble and mature that people start making decisions on themselves. for once who did not even know how to make chapati now suggest the healthy diet. Okay fine people change with time but this overnight drastic change......seriously?????

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

First Blog

Hi All,

This is my first blog. I am here to express my views and opinions on various topics related to technology, philosophy,current affairs and career guidance. Before I start presenting my views on anything let me first introduce myself. it's so hard to describe oneself. Let's start with education.I hold a degree of B.Tech. in Electronics and Communications. After it I joined Infosys Limited and completed the tenure of 2 years. After that I started working on my own. Right now I am indulge in various fields and my prime job profile is of a consultant. I help people to get rid of their tough situations using the best available resources to them.
Ankush Saraswat